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Package Website Options

Turn Around Time

The turnaround time for a wix website package is 25-30 business days. Those business days for me include Tuesday – Friday. Saturday – Monday, all major holidays, and 10/14 I am closed, and those days are not included in the turnaround time.


Please send all revisions for everything in your package in one email if you can, as detailed as possible. Each item in your package comes with two free revisions. Examples of revisions are as follows: font changes, color changes, swapping out photos. For example: " on flyer 1 I want to change the title font and swap out this photo for this photo instead, that is considered two free revisions. After two free revisions item in your package revision fees will start at $6 per revision. For a completely different design if the client does not like or agree with the design will come with a Redesign Fee starting at $35 and can increase depending on which item needs a whole new design.

Turn In Date And Stonie Studio's Fees

You have up to 15 business days from the date that your order (Tuesday – Friday) to submit all your info for your order. After 15 business days (Tuesday - Friday) with no checklist submitted, you will be required to pay a project abandonment fee of $150 to restart the project. Once you pay the $150 restart fee you have 15 business days (Tuesday - Friday) to submit your checklist from the date you paid the restart fee. Once the additional 15 business days (Tuesday - Friday) have passed the order will be closed and not refunded. If you place an order for a package and don't submit any info AT ALL after 25 business days (Tuesday - Friday) the order will be completely cancelled with no option for a restart fee and not refunded. You will need to order the service all over again.

If you need help with banner captions, please add that when selecting your website selection options. By adding this on, if you decide you do not like my captions, quotes, or taglines for your website, I offer a one-time revision of changing it up. After the revision if you still do not like my captions, quotes, or taglines for your website you will be held responsible for submitting your own, and it is nonrefundable.

Email Etiquette Policy

Incomplete checklist will not be accepted, multiple emails with multiple email threads will not be accepted, screenshots of handwriting will not be accepted, sharing an apple notes link will not be accepted. Please send your checklist in one email with requested info and content or create a word document, I do understand if you have to submit more than one email (in the same thread) due to the file size of everything.

Photos can be sent to my business number (), please include what each photo is for per photo, your name, and your order number.

It Is IMPORTANT to Submit all wording fully typed out for your website. When I say wording for your website that means telling me about your brand, submitting previous material, if need be, so I can see your style, submitting your typed out shipping, returns, and any other policies, your contact info, your social media info, submitting your banner captions (unless you paid for me to come up with your banner captions). Sending your banner captions for example is banner 1 “shop the number one product on the market” 2-piece lounge sets just arrived for the winter” “we offer klarna and shop pay, get it now and pay later” and more. Also submitting all wording for your about me, policy, shipping and returns (optional), if no wording is submitted for this it will not be uploaded.

Logo Policy

If you do not have a logo designed by a previous designer or designed by me your business name will be typed in a basic font straight across (landscape position). Please submit a transparent file (no background) for the best results. Please submit exact HEX code colors of your logo to keep down color revision changes.

Photo Policy
Please submit High quality professional photos, stock photos, or

What's Included

wix Website design + 10 uploaded products
Business card design + 50 prints
Loyalty card design + 50 prints
Text based logo 4 options
4 flyers or 4 content post (can mix up)
Complimentary already made template featuring website design for " now live " flyer. no changes can be made to this flyer such as design.

You Are Responsible For

You are required to sign up for a website subscription at After you sign up, please provide your wix login info. After signing up please be sure to complete your wix checklist on the home page after you log in. This includes but is not limited to purchasing and connecting your domain, setting up your payments, setting up your taxes and shipping, uploading your business and/or personal information. I am not responsible for this section on your website.

Business Hours
Tuesday - Friday 11 AM - 7 PM

Promo Policy

Please be advised that your order may be posted while it is being worked on for all of my social media accounts on my story ONLY, if you do not want your order posted, please specify via email so that I can follow up with a link for $50 that needs to be paid if I am not able to post my orders content for promotional purposes.

Once the order is completed I will post it on my platforms for promotional use at the time of my choosing, if you want me to wait to post my work after you the client which will affect me not being able to post my work for promotional use please specify via email so that I can follow up with a link to pay the $50 that needs to be paid. Please note that the $50 mentioned above for posting on my stories will also cover me not posting on my feed before you. You will not be required to pay that fee twice.

When you are ready to send your checklist the email subject needs to be your first and last name + the order number + service name.

Wix Website Checklist

  1. Log in info with two step authentication disabled. Please do not send a request to have me as an authorized user or team member to your website. Please double check your email and your password, if your password says that it is incorrect, I will follow up with an email and you will be pushed back to the next business day.
  2. Business social media links or names and business contact info
  3. High quality professional photos or clear phone photos
  4. Logo and color scheme please send Exact Hex Color Codes (to keep down color change revisions)
  5. Please list out the menu tab names for your website, for example: Home, Shop All, Book Appointment, About Me, Shipping and Returns, Contact Us. These are just examples; your tab names can be whatever relates to the type of business you have.
  6. You get up to 10 free products uploaded. It is IMPORTANT to send detailed names for products, pictures of the product, product descriptions), how many products are in stock (optional). If you are purchasing a hair website, please send the prices with any extra fees already included. I will not do the math for you when it comes to hair textures and lengths. If you are purchasing a clothing website, please make sure you send all colors, sizing, stock number if any, and any other important info about the product. If you are purchasing a website for customized orders, PLEASE be advised that you will have to download and purchase a third-party app to have special customizations listed for the product. I do have a few customization apps that you can download. Also please note that If I have to install a customization app and set up the customization for the products that are custom it will be an extra $100. The fee for this will be sent to you via email with a link.
    If you have more than 10 products that you need uploaded, if you do not want to upload them yourself, it will be a $8 fee per product after 10. Once you have the total for how many products extra you want uploaded the fee for this will be sent to you via email with a link.
  7. If Any links need to be connected to your website for example (a booking website if you also offer services or have other platforms that you sell or offer services on) please include those links so that they can be added and connected to your website.

Text Based Logo

  1. Brand name + (optional tag line)
  2. Brand Colors (please submit hex codes or photos of exact colors)
  3. Please let us know your Desired look minimalistic/ simple, edgy/unique, glam/luxurious, signature style

 What's included
4 Options
Png, jpg, pdf, and SVG files are sent via email.
logo will be sent using brand colors and in standard black and white
hex codes and font names will be sent as well

 Email Order Checklist for All (Business, Loyalty, & Thank You Card)

  1. Logo and color scheme please send Exact Hex Color Codes (to keep down color change revisions)
  2. Business social media names and/or contact info
  3. High quality professional photos or clear phone photos
  4. Any additional wording
  5. Shipping address for printed orders
  6. If this is a loyalty card, please make sure you send how many circles for the card and what special promos and discounts go on which circle
  7. If this is a thank you card, please make sure include any thank you message and/or promo discount that goes on the card

Flyer/Content Post 4 Pack Checklist

  1. Logo and color scheme please send Exact Hex Color Codes (to keep down color change revisions)
  2. Business social media names and/or contact info
  3. High quality professional photos or clear phone photos
  4. All wording


Any special request such as a standard design, a theme design, or any inspo that you have found for me to follow (NOT COPY, I DO NOT COPY DESIGNER'S WORK)
Website is now live flyer.

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